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[IP] Going 'live' on Tuesday/ pump reps

Josh's new blue pump arrived yesterday and he goes live on Tuesday!!  We are 
both so excited and a little bit nervous.  It seems kind of surreal after 
trying for almost a year and a half,  changing endos, etc.  I thought my 
insurance company (Trigon BC/BS) was going to cause a problem, but they 
approved the pump, got the letter last Saturday and yesterday the pump came!! 
 It took longer than we thought (about 7 weeks), but that was because all of 
the initial paperwork was not sent in correctly (the doctor didn't sign all 
the papers), and the insurance company also wanted more info.  After all the 
paperwork was in, it took less than two weeks.  We have to go through a local 
infusion company to get supplies.  I have only talked to a rep (or anyone) 
from either pump company once.  I e-mailed MM with a couple of questions 
about pumps in general when I first started looking into a pump for my son.  
I got answers back almost immediately.  A rep from Disetronic called me after 
I had requested info from them.  So our decision was not based on the reps at 
all.  We basically don't have a rep, but the company we go through for 
supplies is great.
Looking forward to Tuesday~!!!!      Annette
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