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Re: [IP] What to Do? (longish)

> can I get any help on it from the pump company? 

Yes, they each have staff that specialize in doing nothing but 
twisting arms at the insurance company. 

Call the insurance company EVERY DAY. Make yourself a reall pain in 
the butt for them. Threaten them with law suits for breach of 
contract, anything you can think of. Ask if they have a liscense to 
practice medicine. All the inane questions you can think of. Ask for 
supervisors, call the office of the Medical Director. Make yourself 
politely as obnoxious as possible.

Next..... start writing letters. Your congressman, insurance 
commissioners office, newspapers, etc..... don't write them all at 
once, maybe one two or three days. MAKE sure the insurance company 
has a copy of each as you send it. Depending on your state, there are 
numerous congressional representatives both state and federal, 
senators, etc... MAKE the insurance companies practice visible to all 
these people and let them know how you feel.

See if you can interest a reporter in a local newspaper in writing a 
story about Insurance Company Abuses. --- This is a biggie.

Have faith, you will win. After several years of hearing about this 
crap from insurance companies, no IP list member has ever been denied 
in the end. 

Remember the wooden leg story

Michael (pulling for you and Taylor)
email @ redacted
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