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Re: [IP] itchy site


I have very itchy sites when I use the sof-set, not at all when I use a
silhouette.  Every few weeks I switch back to the sof-set just to check
because they're easier to put in, and my first few months on the pump I
used them with no problem.  But yes, they itch right at the site and
changing tapes and pulling off the adhesive and using skin preps -- none
of them work.  GUess I have to stick with silhouettes!  You might try the


Type I, dxed 2-12-96, Minimed Pumper since 6-98

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Julie Britt wrote:

> Has anyone experienced a kind of itching sensation at their site?  It just 
>feels like all around where the infusion set goes in is all itchy- not
painful, but it's annoying because I can't scratch it.  Does this mean 

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