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[IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

if we bolus when under about 250...that geneva crashes later.

it is about 10 pm now in CA and geneva awake.

she is 144 now...on a 0.4 basal since 3 pm.  (this is a first.  she has kept
steady at 140ish since two hour postmeal.!)

usually I switch over at 8 pm to:   0.7,  0.8,  0.9, etc. ...which caused
whacko levels.

 tonight, we kept her at her AFTERNOON basal and I am going to do michael's
trick.  when she hits the pillow and ready to sleep,  I am going to set a
temp. basal for 1.0 to last until 1 am, when she naturally starts to dip.

wish us luck!

will report back tomorrow am.


>Eve's bgs will continue to rise for sometime. We
> have tried to bolus her down by 1 to 2 units
 >We will check her
> at about 11:30 and if she is higher that 218 we will bolus her then

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