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[IP] which pump

Hello everyone,

I am not into pump wars, as I think that both do there job and it is up
to us to control are blood sugars, however there is a point I think
anyone should consider when choosing an electronic medical device. It is
important where and who designs and manufactures the components in the
device, I work in the electronic market at the component level.
Different manufactures have different quality control issues (not the
pump manufactures they are regulated) but the component manufactures
themselves. I choose the pump I use because I could verify the
components, but it does not mean the other pump does not contain the
same material, it means I could not verify the material.
I use the minimed simply because the microprocessors are custom built to
there electronic specifications. Disetronic may very well do the same
but at the time of my decision this could not be verified. This is
important because it helps maintain component integrity and quality
control.  This issue only becomes a concern in mass manufacturing where
lack of a general application product or high use application specific
product can be purchased through channels that may or may not store
components correctly or handle components correctly or a whole host of
other issues.  Being in the market I have been in for 8 years I have
seen many bad components shipped as good to manufactures of heart
monitors, live saving breathing equipment etc. If it was a simple
solution as screening vendors of the supply chain that would be great
but it is not, those vendors who most think would never do something
like ship bad product usually do. Most issues are caught before a
product goes to market in testing but sometimes it slips through there
is always a failure rate in every device, and testing methods.
Having said all the above I would also like to state, if I lived in the
country of origin that Desitronic's is manufactured I would most likely
have a greater ability to access there manufacturing information. This
could prove or disprove that both pumps are basically equal in all
aspects, bringing the decision to what comforts you would prefer in your
pump. Most Rep's would not be able to answer questions about
manufacturing I found this out in my pump research but both companies
make good products and your level of customer service depends on the
person your speaking to at the time like in any other business. I hope
this gives another view to the endless debate of which pump is better as
I assume that if I could have done the same research with Disetronic the
results would have been similar, which to my always ymmv situation has a
direct impact into everything electronic that I buy and use.
Take Care

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