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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!


we are going to use the basal number which I have used over the last three
months which seemed to work for geneva when she was asleep.  (we have tried
countless basals at this particular time of night!...saved all my logs and
am going by them)
she is now at a 0.4  ( 8:30 pm)  and we found that she was ok with 1.0-1.2
basal when high.

so...I am going to keep her at 0.4 until she goes to bed.  we will then set
her temp. basal for 1.0 to start.  up until 1 am when I know from past tests
that she begins to drop.  we then have her on a 0.3 until 4 am when she
starts to creep up.  if this temp. basal of 1.0 isn't enough, we will then
graduate up to 1.1, then 1.2.

I am assuming that this might work for us.


> Do you just add a unit of insulin or
> do you square wave this over a hour? Had her snack at 8:30 bolused enough
> for snack. She had a 2 carbo snack and bolused 2.4 units of insulin.
> tonight.

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