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[IP] What to Do? (longish)

I am trying very hard to be patient, but it is wearing thin.  Don't get me
wrong, I know this is a long process, but here is our story.  Taylor (8) was
diagnosed in March.  In June we told our endo we wanted a pump.  He was
reluctant at first as "insurance won't cover it until he is 12".  Well I met
another person on the internet with a nine year old son who had been
approved, and both families have the same insurance.  Well the Dr. was right
they denied us because of age, and because he is "in good control" at this
point.  We are appealing the judgement, have had his family Dr., CDE, and 3
teachers write letters of support for him.  I know they got the information
Sept 13, as I had sent it certified.  So now the question is how long should
I wait to bug them about it again.  And since the Dr. sent it right to the
insurance company, and not the pump company, can I get any help on it from
the pump company?  Sorry so long, but we really want the pump.
 email @ redacted

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