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Re: [IP] Atkins diet.

I know we have seen this before, but for a NON-diabetic, do you think
>      it's a good idea? I have 2 friends that told me they were starting it
>      and I launched into a ketoacidosis tirade! Then I realized it may 
>      well be different for someone who is NOT diabetic.

	This made me think of something: theoretically, if a pump is supposed to 
come pretty close to imitating a normal pancreas, meaning that whether we 
eat carbohydrates or not, we are still getting the background basal insulin 
we need to prevent ketoacidosis, why are ketones inherently bad only for 
diabetics???  If a diabetic went on the atkins diet, could they be spilling 
ketones as a normal person would on the diet and why would it be worse for 
them as long as their bgs were good and they had the basal insulin?  
Shouldn't the Atkins diet be bad for everyone or good for everyone, not just 
diabetics and non diabetics?  Just wondering . . . --Gianna

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