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[IP] International help

Got this from someone i talk with on HearMe and she  was wondering if 
anyone can help
she did not mention here but she is only on diet no pills.  she also lives 
in London.

thank you all

>Dear  Brian,
>Nice to chat with you this evening - and I thought I would type you this
>before I go off for that very tempting pillow. It's 10 to 1a.m -- and why
>am I still up ?
>I have type 2 - as you may have gathered --- and I can find VERY LITTLE
>info on getting pregnant with type 2 --- monitoring,what can and may
>happen, how one goes about trying to keep the sugars low - without
>affecting the pregnancy (ie not eating enough -- gaining the right amount
>etc and all that jazz).
>I would be VERY curious to know if there are books around that might give
>me more than the basic vague stuff the the BDA have sent me. Type one is
>fine -- I've got loads on that -- BUT NOTHING on type 2.
>If you are able to find anything - I would be very grateful to you and the
>people whom you chat to regularly.
>Hope to hear from you soon,
>(Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!)

Brian Carter
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