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Re: [IP] Disetronic 800 phones

>Subject: [IP] Disetronics From: email @ redacted Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 
>14:45:15 EDT
Mike asks:
>Does anybody out there in pumperland have the 800 number for >Disetronics? 
>I sure would appreciate it......
There are 3 numbers I know of for different purposes in the USA :
Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc.
is the name, please drop the ending "s" when you say Disetronic
First syllable "Dise" has the same sound as in "Diesel",
then replace "l" with "tronic"
USA office in Minneapolis (actually Fridley, a suburb) Central Time
general purposes including your first call for info package :
Shows this phone at the bottom of the home and most pages.

The "emergency" number printed on the back of the H-Tron pumps
800-688-4578 is NOT for non-clinical/technical purposes
Please reserve that number for pump-usage difficulties only.

USA office address and phones:
Disetronic Medical Systems Inc.
5201 East River Road, Suite 312
Minneapolis, MN 55421-1014
Central Time Zone for office hours
phone:612 571 6878
fax:  612 571 6061
free: 800 280 7801
E-Mail: email @ redacted

After the staff there gives you the name and number for your
area's sales-representative, it may be a personal extension
number for him/her within
800-915-3698 ext. number per person, and you may get one of
612-817-cellphone numbers of representatives are ALL "from" Mpls.

and for our Canadian friends, distributor there:
Auto Control Medical Inc.
6695 Millcreek Dr. Unit 5
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 5R8
phone:905 814 6350
fax:  905 814 635

Other countries worldwide see the Swiss central site of
Disetronic A.G.
in Deutsch or English (your choice)
   Who is Disetronic?
   Disetronic Group
click on the map for where you are...
Disetronic Medical Systems AG
Brunnmattstrasse 6
CH-3401 Burgdorf
Tel: +41 34 427 11 11
Fax: +41 34 427 11 22
E-Mail: email @ redacted

USA users and hope-to-be-users should of course contact first
800 280 7801  here in the USA
E-Mail: email @ redacted

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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