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[IP] Type 1 and early menopause


>A recent edition of Natural Health magazine had a question from a 36-year-old 
>woman who has had Type I for 20 years. She said she has been diagnosed with 
>early menopause and asked if this was related to her diabetes. The expert (a 
>naturopath, I think) said probably, that once it happens it cannot be 
>reversed, and advised her to do all the traditional things (weight bearing 
>exercise to prevent 
>osteoporosis, etc.).
>This was news to me. Has anyone else ever heard of this connection? Do we 
>Type I ladies have the joys of early menopause to look forward to?

I've never heard of this and wouldn't put too much stock in it based on the
say so of one naturopath.  I'm not saying it's not true; just that I'd need
more than that to convince me that it is.  I've been type one for nearly
thirty years and I'm still having regular periods at the age of 45.
Genetics and smoking are two more commonly recognized causes of early

T1, 29 yrs 

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