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Re: [IP] frequency of testing after 3 months

On 23 Sep 99 at 19:24, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> I would like to know how often people are testing after a few months of
> pumping.
> (besides the pre-meal one.)

I still test about 2 hours after a meal on most days.  I also test more often 
whenever I'm out of my routine - which meant that between last Thursday and 
Sunday I was testing every couple of hours or so while I was awake...  Now if I 
could just stop laughing at the memory of sixty-two men trying to sing De 
Colores before lunch...  The big problem during that time period was that my bg 
kept dropping... I like the temporary basal rates because my pump was set on 
one for quite a while there...
> how about at night?

If I wake up during the night I'll generally test.  Sometimes I set an alarm to 
do a 3:00 a.m. check if I haven't tested during the night for a week or so...

> ruth
> geneva..age 10

I've had people say "you must have it bad to have to test that often".  My 
reply is that testing like this is how I get the information I need to have a 
reasonably hassle free time.  If I know what my bg is then I can take action 
appropriately if needed...

Randall P. Winchester
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