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Re: [IP] Serious thinking/unused insulin/carb ratios


I think that your carb ratio is too much.  as we have experienced,  when the
carb ratio is in the ballpark,  3  to 3 1/2  hours later G. is at the
pre-meal BG. (this means that your correction and meal bolus both worked
within the 3 hour Humalog time period).

geneva's guidelines are:

1 and 1/2 hours - 2 hours after meal       40-80 points higher

3 and 1/2 hours after meal                    within 20-30 points of
pre-meal BG

the EXCEPTION would be that you would be higher due to a very pre-meal BG or
high fat meal.

If you do a sudden drop like this...it is usually an incorrect carb ratio.
we are finding that G. needs much less now that fall is here.


> ... a post-prandial target is taken at TWO hours and should be around 140.
> Okay so let's say I am fine at lunch, take 5.8 units for a muffin and
> cottage cheese using a 1:12 ratio.  At two hours and fifteen minutes, I
> and am 144.  Purrrrrrfect.  Susan smiles.
> Then about two hours later I am 54.

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