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[IP] Serious thinking/unused insulin/carb ratios

A flaw in the grand scheme of things...

... a post-prandial target is taken at TWO hours and should be around 140.
Okay so let's say I am fine at lunch, take 5.8 units for a muffin and
cottage cheese using a 1:12 ratio.  At two hours and fifteen minutes, I test
and am 144.  Purrrrrrfect.  Susan smiles.

Then about two hours later I am 54.

Now let's look at this from the other side - at 144, two out of three hours
worth of insulin having been used, I would still have around 1.75 units left
in me.  And since 1 unit can drop me 100 points that would mean that a
postprandial of 144 wouldn't be possible for me.

But let's say I was 144 and had only taken 2 units - then I would be fine
shooting for that target at two hours.

I am having a hard time communicating my thoughts here but I am trying to
illustrate a mismatch in rules and ratios - and a dependency of a post
prandial target on the size of the dose given.  Are we not better to be
taking post prandials at three hours?

Been thinking about this for a while... any comments (hey Michael!) would be

Ever the scientist,

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