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Subject: Re: [IP] parents of new pumpers

When Jenna first started pumping, we were using an antibacterial soap called
Vionex that contained Parachlorometaxylenol, then wiping with alcohol, then
IV Prep, then putting in the Tender.  On the advice of this list, we stopped
using most of that stuff.  Now, we just use EMLA, wipe it off with a wipe
called a Wash-Up that contains Benzalkonium Chloride (an antibacterial), IV
Prep and insert.  She used to have big pump bumps before, now they're hardly
noticeable at all.  So, sometimes, it may be that what you're prepping with
may be irritating his skin.  Also, as I think about it, that was about the
time we switched from just Humalog to Humalog plus Velosulin mix (but that
was because our sites weren't lasting).  But, whatever, they're gone now.

Kinks used to upset us, but now, we realize that her sugars don't change
when they're kinked vs. not kinked.  The only thing that seems to matter is
if there is blood in the cannula - then they really don't work.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10 and pumping 1 year

<<I'm interested in your tips for site changes.  I hate those pump bumps.
started putting Neosporin on Jack's bumps and it helps, but I'm always
looking for better methods.  Also, his set always seems to kink at the end
the 48 hrs before we change.  Any tips there?>>

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