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[IP] Great care for a refreshing change!

We had the most incredible experience yesterday, I just had to say yeah for
the treatment teams at the Barbara Davis Center in Denver. After 5.5 years
of diabetes (the first 3 with completely out-of-date docs who knew way less
than we did about diabetes) it was wonderful to be meeting folks who knew
the latest on everything about diabetes and pumping. We had never been to
BDC until yesterday, and boy were we impressed! Stephanie is only 10 and was
wowed with the nintendo in the waiting area before we ever saw any of the
treatment team. Dr. Klingensmith was wonderful...asked what we wanted the
pump to do for Stephanie and how could she help us reach those goals. Not at
all patronizing like some of the docs we saw in the old days. We left with a
free precision QID meter (neon green...almost left Stephanie speechless, she
was so excited) and a request to be part of the continuous glucose
monitoring system research they are doing for 7-18 year olds. The dietician
and nurse educator both wanted to fit diabetes into Steph's routine as
easily as possible rather than have Steph fit her life around diabetes.
Heck, they even did a "normal" finger poke for her A1c and had the results
in less than 10 minutes (down to 8.2 from a previous 9.9)! Its hard to
believe we've had this wonderful resource
within an 1.5 hour's drive and had never utilized them before!

I figure as often as I've knocked uninformed dark-ages doctors, I ought to
give credit where credit is due!

Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98

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