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Re: [IP] U.S. Healthcare Trauma

> Well...I asked them how was I suppose to take my insulin- inhale it?  they
> said "yes" DUH??????????

That's priceless!  What a bunch of idiots.  You should have asked them to

> I am telling you that dealing with these insurance companies cause stress
> for us- stress we do not need when we are actually saving them money..

I so agree.  Like I say diabetes is a piece of cake or cookie for you cookie
lovers, compared to dealing with all the idiots at the insurance companies.  I
honestly wonder if any of them have ever graduated from high school.  One time I
was so upset I told the woman to please stop reading off of her computer screen or
cue card and try to speak from her heart.  I asked her to have any idea how if
feels to be living with diabetes, fearing this that blah, ...?? Her response, she
started reading off of a something.  I promptly hung up on her or I probably would
have told her something I would have regretted.

Fran in Az

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