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Re: [IP] U.S. Healthcare Trauma

United Health Care is what I had when I first went on the pump. When I
called about coverage on the pump these were the questions I was asked:
1) Is it disposable?
2) Is it under 500.00?
2) What IS it??

I had never met such incompetent people in all my life and this was a R.N
who was in charge. We ended up buying the pump on our own. Then when it
came for supplies (even for syringes I might add) we were told that
disposable medical supplies were not covered.
Well...I asked them how was I suppose to take my insulin- inhale it?  they
said "yes" DUH??????????
I called our state's insurance comissioner..filed complaints at the place
where my hubby worked and we got supplies covered 80% thier part and 20% ours.
I would call and speak with a person higher up in your insurance co. and if
your insurancs is through a place of business go talk to the person in
charge of that.
I am telling you that dealing with these insurance companies cause stress
for us- stress we do not need when we are actually saving them money..Oh
that is another thing. I asked them if they would prefer to pay for an
amputation instead of the supplies and was told that yes they would pay for
an amputaion because that would be covered and this was AFTER they sent out
a brochure to all on the plan telling about how important it is to keep
tight control of diabetes! I was furious!! So they got another call from
me. I asked them how they could send that out when they were not covering
for supplies..All I got was dumb answers. Thankfully we are not on that
plan any more.
Keep on fighting!  to get your supplies. We shouldn't have to fight for
everything thing but that is the way things are it seems.!

At 07:37 AM 09/24/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all.  It's been a while since I've posted.  Anyway, I'm having some major
>heartache.  I started on the pump in June.  In July I reordered my 3 months
>worth of pump supplies through Corum, a division of U.S. Healthcare.  I just
>received an explanation of medical benefits from the ins. co. stating that my
>supplies were billed as DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and are therefore, not
>covered within network and subject to my deductible and then 70%coverage.
>is a nightmare.  I can't afford to pay for supplies, even a portion, and I
>can't imaging going off of the pump.  I am having a very difficult time
>answers from USHealthcare.  I spoke to someone at Minimed who is supposed to
>get back to me.  Does anyone have this same situation? Anyone else on US
>Healthcare???  Please please please let me know.  

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