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Re: [IP] U.S. Healthcare Trauma


I am not on US Healthcare, but when I was looking into where to get my supplies
they too were under durable medical equipment, I think it's that way under most
insurance companies.  Anyway, in our trusty dusty medical reference guide it said
that I had to go to an in network provider for durable medical equipment, and guess
what there weren't any in network. Cute I really liked that.  So, doing what I love
best, being a thorn in insurance companies side ( sorry for the sarcasm, I really
hate reading stuff like this and all the other stuff we must contend with when
dealing with insurance companies. ) so I called the insurance company up as well as
the rep at my employer.  Finally after going around a few times and a long with the
help from D I was able to get my supplies from D covered at 90% since they didn't
have a in network provider.  This may be what's happening with you.  Fight, fight,
fight.  Unfortunately that is what we must do in this day in age.  I am glad you
contacted your M people.  If they have insurance experts like D they will know how
to work around this.  Good Luck!

Fran in AZ

ps.  Basically if the insurance carrier does not provide you with an in Network
provider than they must pay out of network providers at the same rate as in
network.  But one must read the very very fine line.  Go get them!  Charge!  :-)

>   Does anyone have this same situation? Anyone else on US
> Healthcare???  Please please please let me know.

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