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Re: [IP] parents of new pumpers

In a message dated 9/24/99 8:31:24 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<I hate those pump bumps.  I've 
started putting Neosporin on Jack's bumps and it helps, but I'm always 
looking for better methods.  Also, his set always seems to kink at the end of 
the 48 hrs before we change. >>

I was having real problems with bumps on the lower abdomen after I changed 
from sofset to silhouette. (some were even a little pussy).  I don't seem to 
have the same problem when I use the ribcage.  I had been thinking this might 
be because I had never used that area before (my endo suggested it was 
because it was farther from that dirty pubic area - I have real questions 
about my endo).

When I emailed minimed about the bent cannula I had with the micro sof-set, I 
got a very helpful call from Leif somebody, one of minimeds pumping pump 
engineers.   He thought my bent cannula was from movement after insertion, 
and suggested putting the IV3000 tape down first and letting the set adhere 
to that (and if I needed to, putting the other tape over it all).  He also 
suggested that my problem with the silhouette causing bumps might be from 
movement that causes irritation primarily, and infection only secondarily.  
It also might be helped by putting tape down first.  I have been using very 
elaborate washing techniques and Bard barrier wipes, but intend to try this.

Linda Zottoli
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