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[IP] watermelon carb count/ & testing pattern

Ruth wrote:

my carb book says 35 cho per 4" X 8" watermelon slice.

does anyone know how many cups this is?

I measured what I thought to be the wedge and it was around 6 cups.  is this

RUTH, I don't rely anymore on those carb books that specify cups or
sizes.....I bought a scale and use the carb factor list at the back of
Pumping Insulin. Doing that, you'd weigh the watermelon and multiply its
total gram weight by .06 (its carb factor).....The number you get is the
total grabs of carb in it.

I've been weighing everything this way just to learn how to better eyeball
stuff in restaurants, etc. I like the precision of this method.

SECONDLY, re testing, I test 10-12 times a day, all the time, after 4 months
of pumping, because it MAKES ME FEEL MORE SECURE, and more in control, to
see that things are working properly (or not!) If I awaken in the night, I
test. Am I over-testing? Is there such a thing? I don't mind the many pricks
(after 10,000 or whatever, what difference does it make?), and therefore I
do it, not for my endo but for ME.


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