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[IP] Rep assistance re message by George" <email @ redacted

I am with you on this issue.  I am always suspicious of getting advice from
someone whose main focus, let's face it, is selling you something.  I
contact mimimed for technical assistance but I prefer to work out problems
with my Diabetic Medical Team which I consider to be unbiased as to the
best treatment as they are not in the business of selling me anything.
This may be different in the States where the medical system is funded
differently.  I haven't been particularily impressed with my local rep but
I have found the emergency number on the pump excellent (I had accidently
set off the over delivery alarm and the thing was screaming like an air
siren and the local rep hadn't explained that I would have to remove the
batteries to make it stop).  My local rep couldn't explain how to insert a
silhoutte but the central office in the US explained it over the phone so
well that I was able to insert one easily as they talked me through it. I
very much doubt if the local rep knowws how to insert one even now though I
could be wrong.   Maybe others have had more knowledgeable local reps but I
would recommend using the main emergency phone numbers for the pump
manufacturer  as they have a lot of experience with hysterical first time
pumpers, and they have such cute American accents "Calm down honey and take
the batteries out!" said in a heavy southern accent as I scream into the
phone "If you don't make this thing stop making that terrible noise I will
hit it with a hammer even if it did just cost me $5,000 of my own money"
The Diabetes clinic gives me, I feel, an unbiased look at my progress, that
I could never get if I relied on the pump manufacturer alone.  They are
very supportive of my efforts and my results on the pump but if the pump
hadn't been the right option for me they would have told me so.  I know
some of you have horror stories about clinics that are anti-pump, but I
think we need to realise that not every person will benefit from a pump.  I
strongly believe that most will but there are a few people who just
wouldn't be able to make the 24 hour committment to wearing the device.  

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