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re:[IP] watermelon carb count/


One needs another dimension to get the volume.  Some many of the lists for
food info are useless.  Like one apple is 15g.  how big of an apple, how
ripe of an apple,does it matter.

On stuff like watermelon we would use a scale and then multiply the grams by
the "carb factor" in the Pocket Pancreas or the Pumping Insulin book.  I
didn't look it up but I bet that Watermelon is about 10 % carbo.  That means
that you find the grams of the whole thing and multiply by 0.1.

 Example : the wedge weighs 10oz.... multiply by 28.3 to convert to
grams....= 283g.....find carbs by carb factor 0.1....283x0.1=28.3g
Carbohydrate.  Now you are at least close.

you still have wonder if they mean with the rind or without.  Sometimes you
can look in regular food counts and calculate the carb factor by calculating
Carbs/weight.  then you can weigh any amount and get the carbs with very
little estimating.

Is there a book that is just carb counts?

Curtis Lomax

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