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Taking a shot when high, was Re: [IP] 3ttrd Change

> Charles A Soderstrom wrote:
> It might be a thought instead of changing sets so often that instead
> you use s syringe to inject the extra insulin doses or boluses. 

I frequently do a shot when I suspect a bad site.  This morning I woke
up at 234 (no ketones) and took a shot and bgs didn't come down like 
they should so I have been running a temp basal increase all day.  If I 
had bolused and bgs didn't come down I would have changed the site 
unnecessarily.  Even if I change a site I still take a shot so bgs will 
come down even if new site doesn't work.  That only happened once when 
I had 2 sites hit bleeders in one day but I would have been sky high 
feeling completely crappy (as opposed to somewhat crappy :-/ ) if I 
hadn't taken a shot to drop bgs when I changed the first bad site.


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