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[IP] Allergic to Humalog??? - stronger suspicion now

Oh boy, I am getting more worried now... this morning I sandwiched my
sof-set between two pieces of IV 3000 tape, without using skin-prep first. I
know that I am NOT allergic to the IV 3000 (had a piece on my stomach for 6
days away from the last two sets, without a single itchy moment). I did not
know yet whether I was possibly allergic to the skin-prep. With no skin-prep
and therefor with the IV 3000 right on my skin, I started to get itchy at
the end of the afternoon.
I will be calling the Joslin clinic tomorrow to discuss a trial of a mix of
Velosulin I guess. Different people said they are using 4-5 parts H with 1
part V so I'll see what the endo says about trying that.
I guess - after just reading some more responses on the digest - that I
could possibly be allergic to the plastic of the sofset. I am going to call
MM tomorrow to ask if the plastic on the Silhouette set is the same as the
sof-set - if not then I can give that a try before trying the V mix.
I am trying not to get too discouraged, but geeeez I'd like to move on with
my life and this is taking so much of my attention, time and energy.

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