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Re: [IP] Gluco Watch Study

On 20 Sep 99 at 12:03, Fran Baumgartner wrote:

> This weekend I did a gluco watch study from Friday night until late
> Saturday night.  Nothing like spending 28 hours with 18 other diabetics
> and a bunch of CDE's.  

Sounds like you were with the sublime to the ridiculus...

> OK, the watch.  I wasn't overly excited about it.  We actually wore two
> this weekend.  It takes three hours to calibrate it.  In other words
> it's strapped to your arm for three hours and is not testing your blood
> sugar.  It last twelve hours.  It's very sensitive to perspiration.  I
> kept getting that pesky alarm.  When you get that alarm no blood sugar
> test happens.

Remember how much hassle the early bg meters were?  I think this device is on a 
similar spot on the early learning curve.  Give it a few years and many of the 
wrinkles will be worked out.  Anyone remember doing a bg test with a stopwatch, 
blotting paper and a huge lancet device?  How about the wash bottle system 
where you just about had to have a sink...  Now I can just pull a meter out of 
my pocket and test almost anywhere without having to have all the other stuff 
that we used to have... 

At least the technology is improving... 
Randall P. Winchester
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