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[IP] update on insurance

I promised a few people I would keep them updated on our insurance
troubles..so here goes.  We have the private Insurance finally...General
American and PCS for prescriptions.  PCS does NOT cover pump supplies, that
is covered under durable medical goods with General American with a $300
deductible.  Insulin and test strips are covered under PCS with a $25
deductible and then an 80/20 split.  Jess was also approved for
CSHN..Children With Special Healthcare Needs.  They are supposed to step in
and pay the deductibles and Co-pays.  Well the company that provides
Jessica's pump supplies has everything worked out and should be sending
supplies soon.  But they don't do insulin or test strips and the ONE
pharmacy in town that will deal with this CSHN insurance claims I have to
pay up front my deductible and co-pay.  CSHN forms state that if it were a
flat fee co-pay, say $10 per prescription, I pay first and get reimbursed,
but if it is a percentage co-pay, like my 80/20 split, the pharmacy MUST
bill CSHN, and I do not pay out of pocket at all.  We finally found someone
at CSHN who says this is correct, but isn't sure how the pharmacy is
supposed to bill them.  This is such a nightmare...we will have pump
supplies, but no insulin or test strips!!!  The pharmacist is very nice
though, and is trying his best to get some straight answers from CSHN as
quick as possible.  Quick enough so that we don't run out of insulin though?
As horrible as this sounds...if I had not told the truth in the beginning,
(lied about the new car being mine) Jess would still have Medicaid.  And if
I didn't have private insurance, CSHN would just pay for everything diabetes
related without all this problem.  Seems the worse off you are, the better
off you are, and as soon as your life starts to get better, things start
going to h***!!!   Sorry for ranting and raving..I'll just go sit in the
corner and cry now. 

Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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