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Re: Over-Treating Hypos (was)Re: Subject: [IP] 3rd change!


actually,  geneva only usually needs 5-10 carbs to treat, as she thinks she
is low when she hits 80.   anything between 69-90 she will grab the
juice/coke  which will of course be at least 15 carbs and raise her about 75
points.  I am still trying to get her to use sweet tarts  (she associates
glucose tabs with terrible hypos and HATES them!)....and only 4 at a time
which only raises her about 18 points.  this is our biggest issue right now.
at school, we keep a big bottle of pepsi in a drawer with little dixie cups
that hold about 4 oz.   she will drink the whole 1/2 cup when she gets to
about 79  (which is one hour from lunch sometimes.)  we are working on it.
a huge hurdle.


>    Regarding "overtreating" lows.....for the longest time, Melissa would
> to eat everything in sight,

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