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[IP] insulin freezing in tubing

Ah, a question I can relate to.  I cross country ski a lot and have had
insulin freeze solid many a time!  Before I was on the pump I found that if
I kept the insulin close to my body (in my sports bra) it wouldn't freeze
but if I left it in an outer pocket it would freeze, and if in an inner
pocket it didn't freeze most of the time.  It depends how long you are out
and how cold it is at the time.  The IDAA (International Diabetic Athletes
Association) published an article in its newletter (Canadian section) on
how to prevent your insulin freezing during winter activities.  It also had
some advice on how to test during cold weather as most meters and test
strips also have to be protected from the cold or they give false readings
or an error message.  I can send you a copy of the article if you like.  It
discusses getting blood from frozen fingers also.  
I wasn't on the pump when I participated in this article but there were two
people who were and one of them (she lived in the Yukon at the time)
mentioned insulin freezing in her infusion set while jogging in winter.  We
decided the trick is to insulate on one side only, that is DO NOT insulate
between your body and the insulin or you will not allow your body to warm
the insulin, but DO insulate on the side that faces to the outside.  One
thing I know is that if your insulin freezes you can use it in an emergency
once it thaws out.  I am not recommending this but I have done it myself
with no adverse effects though I threw out the vial once I was able to get
to a new bottle.  
I am looking forward to skiing this year with the pump and I think it will
be easier as the infusion line is already next to my body so I can't
'forget' and put my insulin in my pack where it will freeze.  I ski at -20C
(not by preference of course) so this freezing issue has been a big one for

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