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[IP] Crown

I have been having work done on an infected tooth for the last month.
Three sessions so far with the last one tomorrow.  I had no BG problems
with the freezing etc.  My only caution is make sure your are not in danger
of going low during the work as it can take a lot longer than you or the
dentist expect if problems arise and it is difficult or impossible to eat
when you are frozen and your mouth is filled with dentist's instruments. I
found that my BG levels did not go up despite my infected tooth and this
surprised me as any kind of illness usually makes my BG go up, but I was
told that this was because the infection was encapusulated and therefore
confined to the tooth, so that it didn't affect my general immune system.
One other word of warning- make sure you have a strong enough anutibiotic
to squash the infection as we diabetics have compromised immune systems.  I
got a second infection in my tooth as a result of the hour and a half I
spent in the chair.  No matter how sterile they try to be the trauma of the
work itself can cause further problems. Does anyone out there know if this
increased susepibilty to infection goes away once you have good BG control
or if you always are more prone to infection than average even when you
have good control?    

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