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Re: [IP] Insulin Resistance

Brian Carter wrote:
> Someone asked me what all can cause insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is not just one thing. There can be several causes
for it, and the cause in any given individual is not that easily

The most common form of insulin resistance is found in obese Type 2's,
and appears to have something to do with the obesity itself. Which
causes which, the DM or the obesity, no one really know exactly, and no
one really knows the exact mechanism by which it occurs, either.
Observationally, if a Type 2 can lose weight, this kind of insulin
resistance usually improves. 

There is another kind of insulin resistance that sometimes occurs in
Type 1's, which may be an immune system reaction to injected insulin.
The body actually makes antibodies against insulin. This is the form you
see in Type 1's who are injecting hundreds of units a day. Fortunately,
it usually remits, eventually.

There are a few other types of insulin resistance, which are quite rare,
but caused by lack of insulin-receptors on the cells, or by other
biochemical abnormalities.

Insulin resistance can also be caused by medications and hormones.

An interesting observation that I'm sure many of us have noticed is that
if we eat a high-fat meal (pizza!!), our insulin resistance temporarily

And no, I doubt that Humalog would cause insulin resistance, but I'm
just a quack, so don't take my word for it!!!!


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