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[IP] pumping sucks

hi all
 Ok, I am COMPLAINING....3 set changes since yesterday
morning. Was 279 @ 3am,made a correction, woke up at 2
o6 at 6am, madea correction..had moderate ketones..now
in school, was 250 at 7:30 and now 334. took a shot
of4 units...instead of 6, i have a quiz soon and hate
lows...low all last night! i think my pump is not
working. I've changed the set, and done corrections
and bg still increasing. I have lunch in 90 minutes,
am skipping it to go to the clnic to change my pump
site if necessary..but to call MM, I changed my
sitethis am also, so i think that my site's not the
prob, that 's why i want to callt hem. also, i was
going to wait till lunch, but don't want to keep going
high so i did take a shot which should make some of a
difference...some times PUMPING SUCKS. not sure about
it over shots,seemsall i have is problems..sites
almost daily, bg and basals and hten unexplained
stuff..i hope mm can help me on my"lunch break!"
 frustrated, pumpingnot yet 3 months and only having
problems..at least this time it's my pump NOT me!
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