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Subject: [IP] E Coli happens ...

E.coli isn't a common cause of skin infections - the big problem is when the
e.coli is ingested, or when it gets into an internal sterile space, like the
bladder or kidneys.  But a topical antiseptic ought to work just fine in
your situation.  [shuffle, shuffle, switching hats from doctor to mom].  We
found that Jenna's skin was very susceptible to irritation with alcohol and
betadine - so we found out that Benzalkonium Chloride (an antiseptic) works
very well to clean her skin, and doesn't cause any irritation.  The source
of Benzalkonium chloride?  A little moist towelette designed to be used for
cleaning sticky fingers after eating friend chicken in the car called
Wash-ups made by Clinipad, available at CVS for $1.63 for 24 towelettes.
But alcohol, betadine or any other antiseptic ought to work just fine, too,
if it doesn't bother your skin.  To be ultimately safe, wait at least 5
minutes between applying the antiseptic, and inserting the site.  That's
when you'll get your maximum "kill" of bacteria.

Nancy Morgan

<<What is the proper protocol (is there a proper protocol?) for infusion
cleanliness / preparation when conditions are much less than sanitary? Any
medical pros out there who have clear instructions for situations like
They recently had an e coli outbreak at a county fair near here, struck
1,000 people so far, at least one fatality.
Hmmm, so what does a pumper do?
Bob Burnett>>

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