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Re: [IP] Bernstein diet/Anemia question

Amy, I suggest you read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.  You might not 
agree with him, but it is definitely fascinating reading.  I think the guy is 
a genuis.  He was having kidney problems 30 years ago, could not get drs. to 
listen to his theories, went to med school and only then was he able to be 
published.  His theories just make sense to me.  When I don't eat carbs, my 
bg does not go up.  Yes, he realizes we need carbs, but not the excessive 
amounts that we eat.  I do find his diet too strict, but I have cut down my 
carbs and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my bgs.  

Dr. Bernstein stopped the progression of his kidney damage.  There was 
nothing he could do about the damage caused by the ill-informed medical 
community before he figured it out himself.  He has had IDD for over 50 years 
and he is still going strong.  I believe in him because he has had personal 
experience.  The medical community gets their info from books which as you 
and I know is not necessarily a reflection of our personal experience.  
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