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[IP] Need advice please

I have a new problem I have not experienced since I started pumping in June,
so need some advice please.
I changed my site on Monday, and bg's were Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday
they went wacko.  Started at 179, 6am.  Then 10am, 170.  Then went downhill
fast. 230pm, 324, I took my lunch bolus for my soup and chips, at about
12noon and it seemed to do nothing for me.  This is very unusual, so
I thought maybe site was bad.  BUT I couldn't change it immediately because
I was on way out the door, and I just bolused for a high like I normally
would.  BG was 286 at about 5pm, then ate a potato for dinner (with my meat
and veggie too) and at bedtime, it was 236.  I though, ok we are getting
better, and set alarm for 3am.  woke up at 12 mn at 331, took a bolus of
2.5u, my sensitivity is 1:100.  At 3am, I am at 398!!!  Ok, I told my hubby
I am changing site in AM, no matter what.  At 6am today, its at 286, but I
changed site too.  Now its 237, at 730.
Could this be a bad site?  i.e. my fatty tissue doesn't absorb well in that
one spot? Or is there anything else it could have been?
Any help would be appreciated, I have not had this happen before and am a
bit leery of using that area on tummy again.  Thanks, Lori
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc., FSP
email @ redacted
ICQ# 41956947

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