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[IP] e coli happens

You might want to start with boiling a large enough kettle of water to use for the washing the infusion site.
There is a hospital grade surgical soap, Hebiclens made by Zeneca that many pharmacies have or can get.  This is one of the products that is presently being used by surgeons for their six minute presurgical hand scrub in the operating rooms..  Packages of  2X2 sterol gauze would also be of help.  This soap will dry your tissue but it will kill a lot more germs than most other soaps.
Soaps that say they are antibacterial, i.e. Dial, do better than regular soaps.  Alcohol swabs with 70% isopropyl alcohol have never tested out as very good at killing the germs  It is most effective in making people mentally feel good before they get the shot ahd 90% isopropal alc. is less effective than the 70%.
Charles   S.......  D.D.S.              Dx  46 years and pumping 3years