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Re; [IP] Re: Allergic to Humalog??? -Tirza


No, I didn't have to refigure my bolus/ basil rates after switching to
Regular from buffered R.  It is the same minus the buffering ingredient.

As for the tape I started with Op-site and then tried Tegaderm.  Op-site had
too good of a hold and the Tegaderm wasn't much better.  I then tried the
IV-Prep and a stoma prep, hoping these would provide a better barrier from
the adhesive, they made the tape stick even better, but didn't do much

Finally I tried the Polyskin II (YMMV).  No prep solutions.  I bolus before
I get into the shower so that I can disconnect for at least an hour and
don't take the infusion set out until I have been in the shower a while.
This allows it to come off easier when it is moist.

Let skin air dry thoroughly.  If you put it all back on too soon when the
skin is moist it tends to make the problem worse.  And if it is humid or I
sweat the problem is intensified, because my pores are dilated, so I change
it more

You didn't mention it, but do you sandwich the tapes?  Meaning do you put
one down, then put the infusion set in thru that one, then put the tape on
that comes with the infusion set?  The reason I ask is sometimes if you skip
the first tape and put the set in and then the one the comes in the set this
causes two separate issues.  Could you be allergic to the tubing where it
connects to the needle?  (you said you used the needles not the cath)
Sometimes people are allergic to the Teflon caths (plastic or latex type
allergies),  and the same can go for the needles.  They have a coating to
make them glide in easier.  If you don't sandwich you may want to try.


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