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[IP] Atkins diet

At the risk of setting off a tirade from people who love the Atkins diet,
the biggest problem with it is that there are a lot of vitamins and minerals
missing from it, it's just not a very healthy diet.  No, non-diabetic people
won't go into DKA from it, when their ketones start rising, they make a
little more basal insulin and clear them down to the point that they don't
get acidotic.  But, there are just so many forbidden foods on the Atkins
list that have good nutritional value, and I'd just rather get my nutrition
the way it's packaged in nature, rather than a little vitamin pill.

Nancy Morgan

    << I know we have seen this before, but for a NON-diabetic, do you think
     it's a good idea? I have 2 friends that told me they were starting it
     and I launched into a ketoacidosis tirade! Then I realized it may very
     well be different for someone who is NOT diabetic. Thanks,

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