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Subject: [IP] 3rd change!

Your post brings back bad memories.  In the beginning, when Jenna's sugars
were swinging like crazy, it was because our basals and boluses weren't
worked out yet, but I didn't know if it was the sets or not, so we changed a
zillion of them.  It's rarely the sets, though that cause the problem.  Once
you get all your basals and boluses worked out, you'll probably change sets
every 2-3 days, with a sporadic extra change.  It is frustrating, but it
will get better.

Nancy Morgan

>>Did set change last night 6pm.  Unexplained highs so changed set at 9p.
delivery 8am this morning, changing it all out again!  I don't like not
knowing what I did wrong.  MM says whenever a NO DELIVERY we have to change
it all.  I don't mind canceling school and work, but I hate not being in
control.  Is a third set change in 15 hrs. unusual?  Holly>>

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