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[IP] Re: Allergic to Humalog???

I am hoping it is not an allergy to Humalog, but rather something innocent
like the IV prep.
Amy, what are you using instead of the IV prep?
Jill, what tape did you find worked best for you? (I know that MMMV - my
millage may vary). Pulling off the Polyskin felt like I was pulling off the
top layer of my skin and it was all irritated and red afterwards - so I know
I won't ever use that again. The IV-3000 seems ok for me, but during the
warmer, more humid days this summer the tape almost came off a few times.
Jill, when you switched to R did you have to refigure your basal rates and
Do you have to bolus a half hour before meals and snacks? If I end up doing
that I'll have to re-read the Pumping Insulin book about bolusing.
Fran, I am using the sof-set (so no metal).
Michael, I think I will discuss doing trials with Regular and with Velosulin
with my endo, to see if that makes a difference. I guess I will also try
another set, although I like the sof-serter a lot.
Lilly, do I remember correctly that you are using a mix of Humalog and
Velosulin? What ratio mix do you use? How did your basals and bolusing
change compared to just Humalog?

Thanks for the support.

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