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[IP] E Coli happens ...


I hope the subject line caught your eyes. It wasn't meant to be funny ....

What is the proper protocol (is there a proper protocol?) for infusion site 
cleanliness / preparation when conditions are much less than sanitary? Any 
medical pros out there who have clear instructions for situations like this?

We just received word that there is a "boil water advisory" in my city, due 
to e coli in the public water supply. Nasty little critters - I don't want 
to mess around here. I'm scheduled for a site change in the morning. 
Normally, I change sites after showering, but not sure how to handle this 
one. Don't shower, change set, hope I haven't picked up any of the little 
guys in my travels? Shower, sterilize like be geezus, then change, hope for 
the best? (doesn't get my vote) Don't shower, don't change sites, hope 
things are better at the end of the day when I come back from work?

Interesting little dilemma. Kind of ironic, since I was chatting the other 
nite with folks about preparing for emergencies, natural disasters and Y2K 
"issues". Well, here I am, sitting with a couple month's of supplies, 
flashlight, batteries, reading materials, one gallon of drinking water, and 
really no proven method (so far) of making sure I don't introduce some 
nasty little pathogen into my system.

They recently had an e coli outbreak at a county fair near here, struck 
1,000 people so far, at least one fatality.

Hmmm, so what does a pumper do?

Bob Burnett

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