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Re: [IP] chest pain and shortness of breath

At 05:16 PM 9/22/1999  Susan B. Hancock wrote:
 >Okay, I thought I knew alot about diabetes but this is a new one on me.
 >I had a doctor's appt. today and he asked the same question he has asked
 >for years..."do you have chest pain or shortness of breath?"  And
 >actually I have had chest pain recently but I attributed it to job
 >related stress.  He seemed concerned about it.  Is this a problem that
 >is typical of diabetics?

Diabetics are supposed to be more prone to heart problems... make sure that 
they follow up on this. I speak from personal experience... 4.5 years ago I 
had a mild heart attack and a quintuple by-pass. Not fun! So, chest pains 
are nothing to mess around with. Be sure that the doctor knows about it.


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