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Re: [IP] RE: Which Pump


Please do us the favor of citing your sources and specific references when 
you discuss these issues. Citations and specifics make this a much more 
valuable thread in the archives. Someday, this thread will make it to the 
motion picture screen, I'm sure ... <g>

At 05:07 PM 9/22/99 +0000, you wrote:
>On 16 Sep 99 at 9:26, Anika Schon wrote:
> > I would add that MM's pump comparison literature was not merely 
> competitive,
> > it was inaccurate (so as not to say "they lied") in such a way as to 
> cast the
> > competitor's product in a less favorable light. (duh. big surprise).
> >    For example, they claimed that Disetronic's pump is "water resistant"
> > rather than waterproof.As the owner of a Disetronic H-TRONplus, I can 
> say it
> > is definitely waterproof, and that is even without use of the red tappet.
>Some of Disetronic's own literature says "water resistant"... I don't think
>it's right to accuse MM when they just quote D's own marketing 
>literature.  And
>D has a bad problem with susceptability to magnetic and RF fields...  And 
>there's the "feature" that makes D pumps die after two years with the 
>in them...

Hmmm. Interesting. I don't think any of us realized that MM was "quoting" 
D's marketing literature - why would they do that? I for one, have read 
most every piece of literature that D has released in the past several 
years, and can't recall seeing the description "water resistant" when 
referring to the D. To the contrary, D typically proudly proclaims the 
"water proof" feature of their pump :)

For a real interesting read on the question of what does "waterproof" 
really mean in the practical world (definitely *not* pump related at all), 
try taking a look at: 
http://www.iwol.com/iww/customers/westmarine/advisor/electronics/03.html I 
came across this gem quite accidentally one day while researching some 
other topics. It helps me keep this whole topic in perspective.

I tried to research the statement on MM's site which states the 507c "Meets 
International Standard IEC 601-1 Specifications for watertightness". Quite 
frankly, I was never able to determine what the heck they were talking 
about. The only thing I eventually discovered is that "International 
Standard IEC 601-1" is a "non homogenized standard". I was left with the 
impression that the "standard" either doesn't exist, or exists in such a 
limited context as to render it "non standard". Please someone, tell me 
what this means, so I can figure out if the 507c is really water tight <vbg>

Re: the "feature" that makes D pumps "die" after two years with the 
batteries in them ... So what's the point? There's no secrets that the pump 
have fixed life spans (arggh, I wish some of these threads had such short 
life spans <g>). We are told this going in - absolutely no surprises. The 
pumps alarm at 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks prior to the TSI 
(Technical Safety Inspection). If you choose to ignore the alarms, or sleep 
through them for 8 weeks, like Rip Van Winkle, you swap over to the other 
one when your first one is "finished". No problemo, it can be reset by Tech 
Support. Until then, my little H-TronPlus V100's keep whirring along - no 
skipping screens, no failure to deliver errors, no problems with the 
processor stopping (oh, I forgot to mention, each of my pumps has two 
microprocessors. Cool - stereo <vbg>), no need to wrap the pump in tin foil 
if I think the air is going to be dry with static cling :)

I'm very interested in any specific citations you can provide on the D 
having a "bad problem with susceptability to magnetic and RF fields". Not 
trying to be picky, but as most of my friends know, I like to collect these 
little tid bits of information. These specifics are invaluable in 
impassioned discussions with intelligent consumers.

> >     The "comparison"  contained other falsehood and omissions about the
> > Disetronic.
> >     For me, truthfulness counts, and that ended up being one more 
> factor in my
> > own decision. Perhaps that truthfulness problem was limited to thier promo
> > dept. but I couldn't be sure.
> >    For you, that may or may not be an issue, but Buyer Beware: It's best to
> > consider the source of information especially when it is about the 
> competitor.
> >
>Same question that's often asked of MM users when they promote their pump
>using this type of reasoning - Did you get a promotional consideration for 
>somewhat veiled insinuations about the "competition?  Both companies make
>fairly good equipment.  D's flake out in high magnetic/RF fields but take a
>bath.  MM's can sometimes be drowned but stand up pretty well in a high
>magnetic/RF environment.  If you want to make a rep for either company squirm
>ask them if their equipment can be considered "intrinsically safe" - that 
>it is safe to use in an explosive atmosphere...
>It's always "buyer beware" - and some of the tricky stuff is due to the fact
>that it is a competitive market...  just wait until some of the rumored
>additions to the pump vendor group materialize and we'll see more odd 
>hype from all the companies.  The best bet is to go with the company that 
>has a
>rep/trainer in your area that you can deal with.  The D rep for this region
>apparently has ceased to exist again...  several people have requested
>information and it never comes, where MM returns the calls within a few
>hours...  functionally both pumps perform well and can be used to achieve bg

Your last statement is the best. As health care consumers, we need to know 
ourselves, know our goals, understand our limits and understand the 
products / choices available to us. As crude an analogy as this might be, 
pump shopping is a lot like shopping for cars or computers. It's not always 
fun talking to "Chevy people" if you're looking for a Ford, but it can be 
very enlightening <g>

Bob Burnett

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