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Re: [IP] Bernstein diet/Anemia question

>works.  Low carbs does prevent high bgs.  I don't know how long I can do
>this, but so far, so good.  Is anyone on Dr. Bernstein's diet and, if so, 
>long have you been doing it and how hard has it been to maintain?
Hello, I am not really on Dr. Bernstein's diet (too strict for my 
lifestyle/not necessary for me to eat like this to maintain good control at 
the moment)  but I have read his book several times, and what he says makes 
sense.  I believe that if you follow it, you will be pretty healthy and I 
agree with you that it works.  For me it would be hard to maintain and cause 
more fluctuations than not due to not really being able to stay on it.  What 
works for me is that in response to his book, I sort of formulated my own 
system, which I think everyone needs to do for themselves because everyone 
is different.  I cut down my carbs alot, and for me this has worked.  I use 
alot less insulin, I don't gain weight, I'm neither hungry nor stuffing 
myself, and I eat pretty much regular food like everyone else, I just don't 
load up on high carb stuff all the time.   This fits my life because I'm not 
a big breakfast eater so maybe it's easier.  To make a long story short :)  
I think you've made a good choice for yourself.  I don't know if you've seen 
any notes from Pat on here (AHoney30) but she is also on a low carb diet. I 
don't see myself as eating much differently from a healthy diet.  Anyway, if 
you have any questions about low carb diets or especially questions on what 
to eat :)  you can post here or email me at email @ redacted
Good luck.  --Gianna

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