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Re: [IP] static electicity problems

On 16 Sep 99 at 12:41, Betsy Smith wrote:

>  Maybe it is because there are so many more MM users, but it seems you all
> have a lot more problems with alarms, etc, than we disetronic folks.  Please
> don't shoot me!

There are many more MM users in the US, so you'll hear more reports of 
problems.  There are a lot of users who never have a problem, and you don't 
hear much from us about problems with the pumps.  

One odd note is that some of the local D users didn't know about any kind of 
infusion set other than the old bent needle because D informed them about 
anything else...  seems kind of strange that they don't at least send a 
newsletter, flyer or something to the users...

Randall P. Winchester
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