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Re: [IP] RE: Which Pump

On 16 Sep 99 at 9:26, Anika Schon wrote:

> I would add that MM's pump comparison literature was not merely competitive,
> it was inaccurate (so as not to say "they lied") in such a way as to cast the
> competitor's product in a less favorable light. (duh. big surprise).
>    For example, they claimed that Disetronic's pump is "water resistant"
> rather than waterproof.As the owner of a Disetronic H-TRONplus, I can say it
> is definitely waterproof, and that is even without use of the red tappet.

Some of Disetronic's own literature says "water resistant"... I don't think 
it's right to accuse MM when they just quote D's own marketing literature.  And 
D has a bad problem with susceptability to magnetic and RF fields...  And then 
there's the "feature" that makes D pumps die after two years with the batteries 
in them...

>     The "comparison"  contained other falsehood and omissions about the
> Disetronic.
>     For me, truthfulness counts, and that ended up being one more factor in my
> own decision. Perhaps that truthfulness problem was limited to thier promo
> dept. but I couldn't be sure.
>    For you, that may or may not be an issue, but Buyer Beware: It's best to
> consider the source of information especially when it is about the competitor.

Same question that's often asked of MM users when they promote their pump 
using this type of reasoning - Did you get a promotional consideration for the 
somewhat veiled insinuations about the "competition?  Both companies make 
fairly good equipment.  D's flake out in high magnetic/RF fields but take a 
bath.  MM's can sometimes be drowned but stand up pretty well in a high 
magnetic/RF environment.  If you want to make a rep for either company squirm 
ask them if their equipment can be considered "intrinsically safe" - that means 
it is safe to use in an explosive atmosphere...  

It's always "buyer beware" - and some of the tricky stuff is due to the fact 
that it is a competitive market...  just wait until some of the rumored 
additions to the pump vendor group materialize and we'll see more odd marketing 
hype from all the companies.  The best bet is to go with the company that has a 
rep/trainer in your area that you can deal with.  The D rep for this region 
apparently has ceased to exist again...  several people have requested 
information and it never comes, where MM returns the calls within a few 
hours...  functionally both pumps perform well and can be used to achieve bg 

Randall P. Winchester
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