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Re: [IP] allergic to humalog???

I have an allergy to the buffered insulin and most tapes.  With the insulin
the area became raised and puffy, like a bee sting.  With the tape the area
would become red and itched intensely underneath.  When I went to take the
tape off it would remove my skin with it, and I mean all my skin in that
area.  This would happen even with tape that was suppose to be
hypoallergenic.  I finally switched to just R and tried several different
tapes until I found one that did the least damage.  I also have my
prescription for pump supplies written to be changed every two days max  so
that insurance will cover it.  (My HMO wanted to send me only X number of
supplies and figured I should make them last and didn't need to change the
site that often).


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