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Re: [IP] Cavilon Cream

Well, I finally found a pharmacy that could order the Cavilon Cream for me,
(Eckerds can only order from their own warehouse!) and I must say I was a
bit skeptical when it arrived.  It is a hand and body lotion,  and I really
did not see how that could possible help the tape and infusion set stick
better.  WOW was I ever wrong!!!  IT WORKS GREAT!!!!!   I no longer have to
spray antipersperant, and then put down a layer of IV 3000, and then insert
and put 2 layers of tape over the set.  I just use the cream, then insert
and use the tape from the set.  I haven't had one come loose yet, and I've
given myself 2 weeks to try it!  I would DEFINATELY recommend it to anyone
who is having problems with tape sticking!
Thank you Kim!!!


David  Type 1  LADA  (who LOVES his MiniMed 507c Insulin Pump!)
Assimilated into the Borg Collective on May 3, 1999, at 1200 hours
(LADA  ==>  http://www.cde.com/diabetes.world/lada.htm )
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> the cavilon cream i bought from a grocery store pharmacy - one of the
> pharmacists there is a pump wearer so he keeps it stocked!      it's made
> 3M and the catalog number is 3392; NDC #17518-026-01 -- i think with that
> number any pharmacy should be able to order it for you.    i don't think
> you'll be disappointed with it!!
> kim
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