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Re: [IP] 3rd change!

In a message dated 9/22/99 10:34:46 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< MM says whenever a NO DELIVERY we have to change 
it all. >>

A lot of things that don't require a set change can cause a NO DELIVERY 
(pressure on the tubing from a too tight waist band, pressure on the site 
from lying on top of it, this funny static electricity thing we've had a 
thread about, with mine maybe batteries getting low)  Actually, the times I 
have had a site that was not absorbing, I didn't get a NO DELIVERY.  If you 
press sel and then act to shut off the NO DEL, try disconnecting and doing a 
prime bolus to see if insulin comes out.  If it does and your site looks 
alright and is not hurting, why not try bolusing for a snack (or to bring 
down a high) and see if it works?  (Oh, these nonprofessional internet people 
who give advise <grin>)  
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