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[IP] mydiabetes site and bg tests

I had logged on to the mydiabetes site hoping to find a good way of charting 
my blood sugar results (I generally use an iMAC which doesn't have a printer, 
but have occasional access to a pc with a printer).  I found that if I test 8 
times a day I can use their online diary, then access and print it out from 
the other computer when I need it.  Problem:  I often test quite a bit more 
than 8 times a day (I average between 9 and 10)  They also don't have a way 
to chart pump usage.  When I asked about this I was told 1)they are working 
on charting pump usage, and 2)"wow, you test a lot.  We were told by experts 
that 8 times a day was the most anyone tested"

If anyone else that pumps and tests a lot is interested in an online diary 
(being online, theoretically I guess someone else could access it and print 
it or something, so your privacy is not insured),  I wonder if you would add 
your voices to mine about the need for pump and more bg points.   The address 
is http://www.mydiabetes.com

Linda Zottoli 
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